Jennifer Stevens


Helping busy adults transform their lifestyles for sustainable weight loss and wellness. 

Balance is the key to everything. What we do, think, say, eat, feel, they all require awareness and through this awareness we can grow. 


Is this you?

  • Tired of failed diet attempts?
  • Spent valuable time and money without results?
  • Overweight? Can’t fit into your favorite outfit?
  • Tired, overwhelmed, body hurts?
  • Feel defeated?
  • Want to be healthier for your family? Role model healthy choices for your children?
  • Ready to make changes!

 You’re in luck!  


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Start with 1:1 coaching sessions right away. 

I am providing weekly 1-hour sessions that will assess your readiness to change, explore your strengths, barriers, and goals. I will help you develop tangible action steps, support the implementation and troubleshoot the areas that have created frustrations for you in the past.

I am a compassionate, realistic, strengths-based coach that focuses on whole-person wellness. I am a firm believer that ‘balance really is the key to everything’. I will meet you where you are and together we will reach your goals.

Balance your Life NOW! Start with 1:1 sessions

Hi! I'm Jennifer..


 Are you tired of failing at diets?Have you tried to change your eating habits only to fall right back into old habits? I was just like you! As a busy full time nurse practitioner, wife and mother, finding healthy routines that I could sustain felt impossible. For years I have tried multiple ‘diets’, ‘healthy eating’, ‘meal planning and prepping’, ‘calorie counting’, etc. I would see mild results of 5-7 lbs. of weight loss and then gain it right back. All the while, feeling like I was failing not only myself but my family and patients. If I couldn’t do it, how could I help them to. 

I finally realized I was trying to cram a ‘new’ plan into my current lifestyle. It was NOT sustainable. I had to change my current lifestyle (that also was not working from me) to a completely new one. I had to become aware and grow into my new healthier self. Through this I was able to lose 35 lbs., have less body and joint pains, and have more energy. I model healthier living for my family and patients. I am here to share and support your transformation. I want you to find your new lifestyle and feel great! 

Transform your life now!

Who I help...


Highly Motivated, busy adults who are ready for healthier living. Sustainable lifestyles that allow them to be high performing, successful, physically fit and active parents and partners.

Whether you are starting from scratch or have extensive knowledge about how to have a healthier lifestyle but just need help implementing changes, I am here to help you! In my nursing career, I have worked with individuals during all stages of change and will help you to achieve your desired results. We will create a successful action plan tailored to your goals, desires, and get results. 

About Me

Come learn about my journey, failures and successes, education and skills and how you can benefit from my life lessons.



Let’s begin your transformation now! Come learn about our services and pick the path that leads to your new lifestyle. 


”She listens to everything you have to say with empathy and understanding and responds to you with compassion no matter your situation. She managed to help me lose 150 lbs. over 3 years. I was crippled and in a wheelchair and I’m now walking and the happiest I have ever been.”




How I can support you:


6-week refresher

Weekly individual sessions, customized coaching, email support, recipes, and session notes.

Free Consultation Call

12-week change solidifier

Weekly individual sessions, weekly check-ins, customized coaching, email support, recipes, and session notes.

Free Consultation Call


Non-judgmental comprehensive support.

“Jennifer provides excellent care, exhibits deep knowledge about my health and makes helpful suggestions to improve it. She doesn’t judge me.”



“Jennifer is caring, practical, intelligent, thorough, respectful, and solution-oriented.” 


Always listens to me and asks good questions

"She explains things in ways that I can understand. She talks to me like she known me for a long time which makes me more comfortable to talk to her.”

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